Handbell Choir

Do you like music? Can you, at the very least, count to four? Then look no farther, we have the group for you! Our Handbell choir is a music ministry based in prayer, teamwork, and really bad puns. Each member of the group has one or two notes, but when we work together, we produce a beautiful sound.

Our Director, Alys Horne, would be more than happy to help you join our group! You do not have to be a professional musician (although professionals are welcomed too), you just have to be willing and ready to Praise God!

A Message From Our Director:

Alys Horne, Handbell Director
Hello, I’m Alys Horne! I have been a part of Glenwood UMC since I was six years old. When I was eleven I did not get a Hogwarts letter, but as a pretty close second I was invited to join the Handbell Choir. The Director, Betty Ruby, put up with me and instilled a love for music that I carry with me always. For me, handbell music is all about community. It requires cooperation and harmony on more than one level. As of today, I have had the honor of being the Handbell Choir director here at Glenwood UMC since July 2017! Our Thursday rehearsals are, for me at least, and escape from day-to-day stressors. We love to play music, joke around, and most of all be there for each other in Christian fellowship! I hope to see you there!