About Us

Welcome to Glenwood United Methodist Church! We are many things to many people. What we are right now, however, is happy to see you! Feel free to look around and see what we are about!

Glenwood UMC has been around for a little while, try 1893. We have learned a thing or two in that time period. For example, sometimes mission and ministry take you to new places. The Church went from a basement, to a building on Highland Ave, and finally in 1962 to the current location on Hague and Valleyview. The Church has seen economic depression, more than one pandemic, and the advent of the smart phone. Because we are older, therefore wiser, we have learned that no matter what’s happening in the world “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8.) In short, God is good. For details, feel free to click on a link to one of our podcasts or check out our YouTube channel.